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Assalamualaikum.Selamat datang ke blog cik moon.Perkongsian disini hanyalah berdasarkan pembacaan yang sudah sedia ada.Sekiranya terdapat kesilapan dalam nukilan saya ini,semoga anda dapat menegur saya.Sekiranya anda hendak berkongsi ilmu disini pun saya dengan berbesar hati mengizinkannya..


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Be good to your parents

Assalamualaikum to all readers.


For the first time,I had been given a chance to post an entry in english..Hahaha,It must be awkward for me to use it since it's my first-time experience.For today's topic,I would like to share with you about some good deed that you can show to  your mom and dad.

Everyone has their own parents.And maybe for the one who their mother or daddy has passed away,they will think that they don't have a chance to make a good deed to their parents.They are truly wrong.As long as you live in this world,you will have many chances to make it.

Sometimes,they are some of our community still don't respect their parents.They treated their parents like their servant.They asked them to do anything as long it was good for their own sake.Maybe parents will not say anything because they really love their child.But,in their deep heart, they will felt upset with their own child.

I would like to share with you about my friend's opinion about their parents.They are some positive comment and also negative comment.

I really love my parents but they did not like me.They hate me.I treated them well.I give them money,big house, big car and branded clothes.They did not appreciate me as their own child.(anonymous 1)

I don't like my parents because they always waste my money buying everything.I don't have a big income like other siblings.I always being compare with them about my salary.They say I should find a good job with a big salary.(anonymous 2)

My parents hate me since the incident.They did not talk to me and see my face.I knew that it was my mistake but they should not do like this to me.(anonymous 3)

It does not matter whether your parents treated you very well or very bad.You should love them with your  heart.Sometimes,when we treated them, we will felt a big pain in our heart.It does not matter.Go with the flow okay.

They are some tips that I want to share for you to become a good daughter or son to your parents.Maybe we are not too perfect in their opinion but we tried to make them happy.

1.Make a list of things that you want to do to make your parents happy.
2.Clean your own room
3.Take care of yourself.
4.Listen when your parents have something to say.
5.Do your best in everything (good grades,sport,make parents proud)
6.Talk to your parents about your concern.
7.Always respected your parents.

For the one who their dad or mom has passed away,you can always pray for them.

That's all from me today.Hope it can help you to be a better person.Assalamualaikum and good night.

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