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Assalamualaikum.Selamat datang ke blog cik moon.Perkongsian disini hanyalah berdasarkan pembacaan yang sudah sedia ada.Sekiranya terdapat kesilapan dalam nukilan saya ini,semoga anda dapat menegur saya.Sekiranya anda hendak berkongsi ilmu disini pun saya dengan berbesar hati mengizinkannya..


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You are my love(Part 2)


-At Shin Hye's Room-
Shin HYE facing UEE and said something to her.
"Ani..he's been loyal to me because of my family request and need" said shin hye calmly to Uee
"What do you mean,Shin hye?" ask Uee confusely
"Arraso..i'll the truth,now..actually i'm a person with brain cancer..and Uee, i'm telling the truth, when the day you're hit me..i want to kill myself and its easily for me to die..and i don't want Joo won always worried because of myself condition. Uee, for your information Joo Won still love you even he's didn't say it when he's with me" said Shin HYe to Uee
"Mwo? Yah shin hye! I and Joo won didn't have any relationship..and he's didn't have any love feeling to me,Shin hye..why you do that to me,Shin Hye?" askUee and facing Shin Hye
shin hye didn't say anything to Uee  and smile to Uee and look Joo won that stand front to the window without looking Shin Hye and Uee.
"Shin Hye..he's love you,not me..please Shin hye don't do this to me..i'm begging" Uee kneel down to shin hye and cry 
shin hye make UEE stand and wipe Uee tears
"Ani..he didn't love me...never love me..he's being nice to me because of my disease and also our family wish that want we're married after we're graduate,and that's why he forcing to leave you and act nicely to me,pretend as lovers..that's it..not more than that..before he be'll my "lovers"..he's your namja chingu,right?" Shin Hye looks to Uee with hoping face
Uee didn't say anything and just looking to the floor and wiping Uee tears
"please accept him back..i don't want him to be alone in this world and i want you and Joo won being together...i'm sorry for taking him...jeongmal mianhe" said Shin Hye and hug Uee .
"Mianhe Shin hye...i can't do that...Mianhe..." said Uee and running away from there
"uee! Uee! Joo won...please chase her..." ask shin hye worriedly when she see Uee running away from her room. Joo Won didn't move and just look through the way running to outside..
When she's outside, her brother that also at the hospital way looks his sister cry alone at front of the hospital and going to meet Uee.

"Uee, why you're here? is Shin hye..." said Uee brother halfly after Uee hug him
"Oppa..please take me to any place..i just want to be with you oppa..jebal oppa.." said Uee with sobbing voice
"Ne..Kajja..Oppa take you to somewhere...don't cry..at there,you tell me everything..arraso?" said Uee brother with persuasive voice to make his sister calmly
Uee nodding to your brother
"Kajja...I'll wipe you tears...Kajja." said Uee brother and leave the hospital with car that been drive by Uee brother
When Uee and her brother leave the hospital..Joo WON suddenly appear at out from the hospital andlooking they're leave the hospital.
Uee brother  take Uee to Hangang River to make uee calm 
Yonghwa ask nicely to Uee, "waeyo? tell oppa..what happen to you?" ask him and looking UEE.
"sHIN HYE want me and Joo won being together like before..i can't oppa..because what happen to me and Joo won,its already a past story..and i don't want Shin HYe more hurt because of me and Joo won being together gain.." said Uee and wipe her own tears
" don't cry..oppa advice to you, i don't know what going on between you and Joo won before this..but,what oppa want from you..anything happen think before you do it,ask yourself then you do it..and if you in trouble tell oppa,arraso?"  said Uee brother to herself and cares Uee hair
Uee nodding to her brother
"kajja..let's go back...rest,when we're at home,okay?" said Uee brother and leave Hangang River...

The next day Uee and her brother going to hospital to visit Shin hye. When Uee and her brother arrive at front of shin hye's room..Uee look Shin HYE write something on paper and put it in pink envelope, UEE're knocking the door

"Annyeong..." said Uee  and smile to Shin HYE
"Oh Uee  , come in.. Yong hwa oppa,you're here too.." said shin hye to Uee and uee's brother
"How are you? here i buy fruits to you.." ask Uee  and put the basket near Shin hye bed
"Gomawo..Yeah,like usually..counting days to go to other world.." said shin hye
"shin hye...Aniyo..you're still alive..don't say like that,you will recover soon..." said Uee  and hold shin hye hand
"Ani..my days will come.. Uee , you're my friend,right? and you want to be responsible in what happen to me right now right?" ask shin hye with begging voice

uee  didn't answer and forcely nodding to Shin hye
"Give this to Joo won..and promise me,please back to Joo won..."  shin hye begging to Uee
"Shin Hye...I..." said Uee with sobbing voice
"Jebal....I...." said shin hye halfly and she's close her eye
"shin hye! shin hye! Oppa,shin hye!..." said Uee  worriedly after see Shin hye close her eyes
Uee  running to the front to find doctor, and her brother call Joo won with Uee phone..
doctor that treat Shin hye and nurse go to shin hye room,and Joo won come few minutes later with shin hye parents after uee''s brother call Joo won..Joo won asking Uee
"What happen to shin hye?" ask Joo won to Uee
uee didn't answer it,and starting to cry, uee brother helping uee..
"shin hye suddenly close her eyes.. Uee  call doctor to check Shin hye.." said yong hwa, Uee  brother.
After more than 1 hours waiting doctor and nurse out from shin hye room..they're out from shin hye's room, shin hye's mother ask the doctor
"What happen to shin hye?" ask shin hye's mother
"I'm sorry,i can't save her...she need to leave us..I'm sorry.." said the doctor and leave the area
"shin hye! shin hye! I'm sorry....." Uee cry loudly and her brother calm uee and when uee cry,uee saw someone like shin hye,that's it shin hye spirit and smiling and nodding to uee, and uee're looking the pink envelope that been given by shin hye before she's gone.

-At Joo won House-
Uee going to Joo won house after the days,shin hye's dead..she's going by her own self.Uee knocking the door,and Joo won open it
"Uee , wae?" ask Joo won
"Here,shin hye's give to you before she's leave us..." said uee
"Kajja..let's going to there" point to the garden in his house,Uee and Joo won seat together
Joo won read shin hye's letter
'Dear Joo won,
I'm sorry..I need to leave you alone in this world..you know right why i must leave you..and i'm so sorry,didn't tell you i have a brain cancer...Joo won,you're not alone in this world,you have someone that always can be with you...and someone that i mention is auaee , i know before you and i be a lovers because of my family request, you and Uee  is a lovers,right? i'm so sorry to stole you from her..and because of me, you need to breakup with her, what i want from you know, please back again to her, don't leave her..she's really need you,more than me that already leave you, i'm a bad yeoja..please tell your truth feeling to her..and love her..and i'm sure she will accept you,even in her heart still feel confusing, throw her "confuse" feeling..promise me? good bye joowon...
Honest from
shin hye'
after Joo won read the letter, he's looking down and Uee're asking Joo won
"Joo won..waeyo?" ask Uee
Joo won didn't answer it and suddenly hug Uee

"Wae?" Uee asking again
"Don't leave me..i need you..." Joo won begging
Joo won ah..na..." said yourself halfly after Joo won kissing uee lips,and uee didn't do anything,and let Joo won kissing her. Joo won stop kissing Uee..

Then,uee run from joo won.She was shocked because Joo won kiss her ..Then joo won catch uee to her hand..

"Don't leave me,okay?" Joo won begging again to uee and uee nodding to Joo won
3 years later, after uee  and Joo won finishing their studying in college, Joo won proposing uee and after a month,he's propose to uee,uee and Joo won  officially be a married couple. 2 years later, Uee and Joo Won have beautiful daughter.
-2 Years Later-
Uee , Joo won and their daugther visit shin hye's grave, and when they're leaving th grave area,Uee  saw Shin hye's spirit and she's smiling to Uee,and Uee said something to Jason
"Joo won.." ask uee
"Erm,Wae?" Joo won asking back
" Can you promise something to me? " ask Uee again
"Mwo?" Joo won asking again
"Don't leave me,because you're my endless love,forever until we're not in this world" said Uee  to Joo won...
Joo won nodding to Uee  and hug uee's beautiful daughter
Joo won and Uee  happily live with each other. 

                THE END

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