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Assalamualaikum.Selamat datang ke blog cik moon.Perkongsian disini hanyalah berdasarkan pembacaan yang sudah sedia ada.Sekiranya terdapat kesilapan dalam nukilan saya ini,semoga anda dapat menegur saya.Sekiranya anda hendak berkongsi ilmu disini pun saya dengan berbesar hati mengizinkannya..


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You are my love(Part 1)


At Seoul Hospital-
"you are guilty in this case, you're causing shin hye comma, you're trying to kill shin hye."joo won word  seems like thorn in Uee heart even that's not Uee fault.
"Joo Won,mianhe..i didn't meant to hit her" said Uee with fault feeling
"mwo?didn't mean to do that? yah! because of the accident, shin hye's comma..because of whom? because of you!" Jason angrily said to  Uee and point   to Uee.
Uee brother that been with Uee nearly go to Uee and Joo Won after he can't stand looking  Uee and Joo Won quarelling at the hospital
"It's not 100% my dongsaeng fault, you're too much..my sister also hurt because of that accident , you're girlfriend is wrong because carelessly cross the road..my sister didn't mean to hit you..so why you want loudly yell to her? stop doing that..i can't stand to look my sister been blame because of this." said  Uee brother longly to Joo Won. Uee nearly to go to her brother to calm him.
"Oppa..stop it..kajja oppa" Uee said to her oppa to stop the quarelling between uee brother and Joo won, but Joo won stop uee brother walk after joo won hold uee brother hand and uee brother turn his face to Joo won..
"Yah! be careful on your word.. your sister should responsible on what happen to shin hye! remember this! " said Joo won while hold uee brother collar shirt, uee brother let Joo won hand angrily and leave the hospital with uee and uee still worriedly looking at the back when leaving the hospital to look Joo won condition condition.
At Home-
When uee and her brother together at living room while drinking hot chocolate that been served by uee, Uee said something to her brother
"Oppa..don't fight with Joo won, I know in what happen to Shin hye,it's not my fault but i still want to be responsible to that..i don't want to look Joo won sad because of that" said Uee calmly and serve hot chocolate to her brother and seat nearly to her brother
uee brother look to Uee after hear what Uee said to him
"mwo? Uee , listen here..oppa know you're feel guilty because Joo won said that you should be responsible on that,right? but its not your fault..that his girlfriend fault,shin hye fault..oppa don't want you be responsible on that..arraso? " said Uee brother and care on Uee hair.
Uee looks down after hear her brother said and looks again to her brother
"oppa..i know it..it's not my fault..but only be responsible in what happen to Shin hye..i can throw my guilty feeling far away from myself..please,oppa" said Uee while look to her brother
Uee brother smile to Uee and said to Uee
" arraso Uee ,rest in your room..oppa will tell ahjumma to bring hot water and porridge to yourself at room..oppa want to stay here for a while" 
uee're nodding to her brother and go to her own room, Uee brother just looking you and said to himself,when he's looking Uee..
" Uee , you're so nice..if omma and appa still alive, they;re will be proud to yourself looking their daugther already be grown up"  said himself and continuely drinking hot chocolate that been served by Uee
The next day You go to Seoul Hospital by your own self to meet Nana,and when You arrive, Jason that stand out from Nana room look  at Youthat also with a bouquet of flower to Nana
-At Hospital-
"Annyeong Joo won" said Uee worriedly
Joo WON smile to Uee
"I'll bring shin hye favorite flower, is she already conscious from coma?" ask Uee worriedly to Joo won
"Ani..she's not.. Uee can we talk?" ask Joo won
"Oh?! Ok..Jakkaman i'll put it inside"
Joo won looking to Uee when you going inside to put flower that Uee buy to Shin hye,and UEE're meet Joo won at outside again
"Kajja.." said Uee and smile to Joo won
-At Hospital Cafe-

"I'm Sorry with my action to your brother? is he still angry to me?" ask Joo won
"ani..he's not..Joo won,gwenchana..i'll understand your feeling, but i still want to say sorry to you and shin he,and i will be responsible on what happen to shin hye...JHoo won, can we go to shin hye room,i want to meet her..." said Uee to Joo won.
JOO WON nodding to Uee and go to SHIN HYE room
-in shin hyre's Room-

"Shin hye..Jebal,Wake Up!I'm here..Shin Hye,i'm sorry to hit you..i didn't meant to do that, i admit i carely drive the car on that time...seriously i didn't mean to hit you..i'm really really sorry...i didn't mean it" cry UEE while hold Shin hye hand
"Ani..that  is not your fault...I'm the one that need Uee to hit me" the voice make Uee and JOO WON shock, and the voice is from SHIN HYE
"SHIN HYE..you're" ask uEE halfly after see sHIN HYE already realize from her comma
"Ne, Me..and that's why when i see uEE nearly drive the car on that way..i'm crossing the road and you're hit me.."  shin hye continuely said to Uee and UEe didn't say anything and shock when see Shin Hye already realize
"Yah! You ! how could you're say that. you're my friend..."
"Huh?mworago Shin hye" said Uee confusely and looking to Shin hye
"I already hear everyhting...i'm not comma..i'm planning with doctor to say when he's meet Joo won i'm comma..." said Shin hye while comb her hair
"Shin hye..Waeyo? why you did that?" ask Uee
" To be far away from Joo won..." said shin hye simply to uee
"Wae,Shin hye?" ask Joo won to shin hye  with high voice to Shin hye
Shin HYE turn her face while wiping her tears and didn't looking to Joo won
" joo won ah~~you're not loving me?am i right?" said shin hye and hold Joo won  hand
 didn't say anything and looks down without say anything..
"Shin hye..Wae? if he love you or not..he's your boyfriend..why you do that?" ask Uee to Shin hye
Shin HYE facing UEE and said something to UEE..

<be continued............

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